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Basic Knowledge

Life Cycle Flows Diagrams [Manual]

> Introduction [Manual]

> Tips & Tricks [Video]

Document Management

> How to Manage Document? [Manual] UPDATED

> How to Manage Document? [Video]

> Tips on how to convert to PDF [Manual] NEW

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Change Management

> How to Manage Change Control? [Manual]

> How to Manage Change Control? [Video]

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Audit & Supplier Management

> Audit Management [Manual]

> Supplier Management [Manual]

> Manage Audit & Supplier [Video]

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> Equipment and Activities

   Management [Manual]

> Manage Equipment and Activities [Video]


> Binder Management [Manual] NEW

> Binder Management [Video] NEW

Reports & Dashboards

> Reports Catalog [Manual]

> How to create Reports? [Video]

My Training

> Complete Training Assignments  [Manual]

> Complete Training Assignments [Video]

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Quality Management

> How to Manage Deviation? [Manual]

> How to Manage Complaint? [Manual]

> Quality Events Submission [Video]

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> Manage BOM [Manual]

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Protocol & Electronic Form

> Protocol Flow [Manual]

> Electronic Form [Manual] NEW

> Electronic Form [Video]

Program Management

> How to Manage Program ? [Manual] NEW


> DCS 4.6 presentation for Express

  Customers [Manual] NEW

> DCS 4.6 for Express Customers [Video] NEW

Training Management

> Manage Training Plan [Manual]

> Manage Training Plan [Video]

> Training Matrix Setup  [Video]

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Risk Management

> Risk Evaluation FMEA [Manual]

> Risk Evaluation HTM [Manual]

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Batch Release

> Batch Management & Release [Manual]

> Batch Management & Release [Vidoe]

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> Administrator Responsibilities [Manual] UPDATED

> Administrator Responsibilities [Video]

> Legacy Document [Manual] NEW