Mitigating the CoronaVirus Travel Restrictions

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The recent Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent implications has tossed businesses into a new reality, impacting life Science organizations worldwide. Prior to the onset of the new reality, life science companies have been accustomed to conducting their business and operations globally spread over different locations not only domestically but often internationally.

The Current Challenge

However, sending your teams across the globe in today's Coronavirus reality has been abruptly disrupted. It has become almost impossible to travel as more and more countries have recently closed their borders in an attempt to contain the spread of the deadly virus. Life science companies now need to manage their research, clinical and manufacturing operations with limited or no ability to interact face to face as they were used to.

Now more than ever, the ability to conduct business remotely and with supporting electronic systems and tools has become a crucial element of business continuity and a capability that all companies must adopt in order to continue operations as normal as possible.

Travel Restriction Impact

Typical scenarios that are impacted by the change in how business is conducted due to the Coronavirus travel restrictions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Working with multiple sites where the remote team of researchers needs to interact on a regular basis with peers across the ocean or at clinical sites.

  • Working with the ever-complex supply chain that can include many sites, vendors and other 3rd party providers that are physically remote and spread across continents.

  • Continuing a wide-array of business operations and activities while a large portion of the workforce can only work from home (bans imposed by authorities or senior management on gathering).

Business Continuity Enablement

Historically, deployment of electronic enablement systems was a tedious and long process. Dot Compliance, with its ready to use off-the-shelf compliance package enables life Science organizations to deploy core quality processes as well as an electronic document management system within a matter of days. This addresses the “order of the day” which is the immediate need to stay connected, collaborate and engage with sites and workforce where they are and whenever in a simple and intuitive manner.

Mitigating Risk Associated with Travel Restrictions

Now more than ever, leveraging electronic systems to connect your workforce is critical. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide, a key factor to reduce business risk and enable continuity is by leveraging remote access on such platforms. Dot Compliance is currently offering free access to its quality and compliance suite to support life science organizations challenged by the widespread travel restrictions. You can be up and running within a matter of days enabling your teams to continue their day to day activities and ensuring you continue to be in compliance with your regulatory requirements.

Getting Started

For immediate deployment, please contact Dot Compliance to enroll in our free access Coronavirus campaign. Get immediate access to a fully validated and operational system. Our professional services team is ready to support you through a few quick steps to set you up with the system. We offer complimentary training sessions on the system and available pre-packaged solutions so you can and your teams can start working right away.

Dot Compliance Suite also comes with a fully validated package and all pertinent documentation so you can be ready to go immediately while adhering to all regulatory requirements.